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What if we need a solid collection of wallpaper, backgrounds, icons, and widgets to add to an app? In this case, we may look through some UI design ideas and pick the most incredible UI design idea to implement within the next UI design project. Let’s check some of them right away.

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10 Creative Home Screen Widget Design Ideas

Among the most creative widget designs, there are a lot of worthy insights that will help you design high-quality apps with different solid widget design and functionality to impress even the most demanding customers in terms of visual beauty. Let’s check them here:

1.     Dark theme

It’s one of the popular solutions for designing a widget since dark designs are gaining momentum both in the web and app. To decorate home screens for IOS apps, which would not only look nice but would calm the eyes is a great idea. In a nutshell, this is one of the few UI ideas offering the best solution of both worlds: strengthening style and improving viewing impressions.

UI Ideas for Designing Widgets 17
Wallet App

2.     Abstract theme

If you want a home screen to look pretty calm, an abstract theme can easily fit into the scene. Do it without limits of your designer ideas because abstract themes are the easiest to concept and implement.


UI Ideas for Designing Widgets 18
Barber App Concept

3.     Bright theme

When you want the iPhone’s home screen to look attractive, bright elements enter the game. Therefore, do not forget that such a home screen attracts attention with ease and may be a bit too flamboyant for corporate designs, etc.

App UI design ideas are not limited to bright, dark, or abstract themes only. You may also try to vary with more funky styles. The style of funk never comes out of fashion. And if you want to raise the style coefficient of your home screen, you should not miss it.

UI Ideas for Designing Widgets 19
Simple Banking iOs App

4.     Nature elements

The theme of nature is considered evergreens for several reasons. One of the reasons you definitely need to choose it in your collection of remarkable widget design ideas is that it constantly impresses you. It soothes and makes the app look organic.

5.     Love theme

Love design widgets may be successfully implemented not only within some thematic love app projects or similar. If you want your home screen to look extremely attractive, you would be happy to know that creating love widgets for iOS devices or any other home screen is not a big problem.

UI Ideas for Designing Widgets 20
Love widget

6.     Superhero widgets

People who adore superheroes will appreciate your superhero design. Due to the massive presence of wallpaper HD superheroes and a convenient tool to change the icons, creating the widget that can demonstrate superheroes in their highest flight is nowadays quite simple. Designers make sure the icons and widgets can complement superheroes, and voila!

UI Ideas for Designing Widgets 21
Eplay – main page

7.     Weather

If you want to decorate the home screen with winter landscape elements or similar, the creation of the widget has never been so simple. Just keep in mind that winter themes require suitable icons to look well. So do your best to design a widget like that.

Also, feel free to check out our Web & Mobile UI Design Ultimate Collection for better inspiration.


Among the variety of beautiful UI/UX solutions, modern designers may offer you multiple ideas as your next mobile app widget, etc. A long list of exciting ideas like the one above requires your attention, and you will find the right solution for your iPhone or tablet’s beauty and effective functioning.

But before you dive into your project, do not forget to share your best choices. In addition, feel free to let us know the design ideas that deserve a solid place for your next design solution or even a more complex UI/UX design product.



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