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App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet

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28 November
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App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet 4

In fact, there are so many useful mobile app ideas that haven’t yet become real products. Almost every business has an application designed to facilitate their activity and cater to their end users. We’ve gathered some innovative Android and iOS app ideas that haven’t been yet designed, but you may pick any of them and start developing them right now.

App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet 5
Best illustration design practices from Fireart

What Apps Are in Demand in 2022?

We’ve also tried to identify the most promising niches in the field of mobile applications, the demand for which has greatly increased lately. Among the apps that should exist in the nearest feature, there are travel apps, investing apps, finance, logistics, education, and mental health apps that help cope with stress levels, news aggregators, marketplaces, and coupon platforms are much expected in 2022-2023. A lot of these design concepts have been successfully created by the Fireart team. You may check them out on Dribbble.

11 Mobile App Ideas That Need To Be Made

Three are so many useful ideas left unmade that you have plenty of time to choose from the list of apps to consider for designing. Maybe if you finally approach the product design they will be made and gain popularity among the users. Here’s what you may consider great app ideas that haven’t been done.

Grocery Shopping App

The idea behind this million-dollar mobile app is to develop an amazing illustrated grocery shopping app that recommends shopping lists to users within an affordable budget. The application can be built in such a way that the items in the shopping list, as well as the recommendations of the store, will be based on the date, location, budget, purchase history, etc. Also, feel free to comment if you’ve already come across one app concept like that.

Brand Identifier App

Another app idea that has yet to be implemented is the so-called Brand Identifier app. This application will allow users to learn more about a particular brand or product. What’s more, if the brand you’re trying to identify is from a clothing designer, the app should be able to tell users if the fabric is genuine or not, etc. All they have to do is scan the label or logo of the product, after which the mobile application will display all the data, including news and articles about the manufacturer and product or whatsoever.


The mood monitoring app is a wow app. Alongside trendy mental health applications, this one may be a way. What would you say about developing a mobile app for Android and iOS that will allow you to observe your day and look for patterns or things that affect your mood? Sounds useless, or not?

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Viva Mental Wealth  Web App by Fireart

Parking Spot Locator App

It could be a mobile application for iOS and Android that helps users find both free and paid parking lots in the location needed. The application will be built in such a way that it can use webcams, GPS, location, parking data, etc. in real time to navigate to any available parking space in the area.

The Wish-list App

With the advent of the application, users will be able to create for themselves a wish list for business, career, goods, or life virtually. If the user can create a career or business list for themselves in the app, the app will give them the option to choose a short-term or long-term goal, etc. Once everything is done, it will search the web and recommend the best ways to achieve the wish list created. What about that?

Social Dining App

Do you have everything you need to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS? If yes, a food ordering or catering app is a fantastic app idea that has yet to be implemented, but not usual – the original one. This app idea will make you millions if you run it right because, with the social dining app, users won’t have to wait in line as their orders should be packed by the time they get to the restaurant. This food ordering app idea will allow customers to place their desired orders in advance, and users will be notified of the possible pickup time after the order is placed.

Expiration Date Tracking App

Have you ever seen or added an app that marks the expiration date of a product? I bet you haven’t. This idea will be the solution to the rampant problem of not knowing whether a particular food or item is expired or not. You may say that there’s no expired food on the shelves. In fact, we don’t know and can’t be so sure. Hence, the expiration date tracker app is another great app idea that hasn’t been implemented yet, but you can start developing apps that need to be invented right now.

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Another travel guide

Smart Booking App

Do you need application ideas that are not yet implemented, but you can still develop them? Then the Table Booking app is one such app that will help you reap the benefits. This app will be a mobile restaurant reservation app that will allow users to book their favorite table at their favorite restaurant. At the time of booking, information such as floor plan, number of available places at the table, best cuisines, and delicacies to be served, etc. will be provided.

Presentation App

Also, a presentation app is one of the great ideas that haven’t been implemented yet, but you can start developing it right now. The purpose of the application will be to allow your potential users to use this application to represent 3D models anytime and improve them anywhere. In addition, the app will allow them to import their 3D models into Android and iOS mobile devices and show them anywhere.

Lost but Found apps

The Lost but Found app deserves special attention. This application is also very important, but unfortunately, it has not been made yet. With this app, people who lost their car keys in the car park, fitting room decorations, pets, and the like will definitely give it a priority. The purpose of the app will be to reconnect lost items or goods to their original and original owner. But wait, we’ve already seen something like that in action in some videos on the web. Have you?

Travel Advisers

It is a travel assistance application that gives its users free suggestions and recommendations about local attractions, world cuisines, activities that can be done in a certain place, etc. Not a quite new idea but still sky’s the limit in designing apps for travelers. Fireart has many travel apps that should be made offered, indeed.

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AR Shopping Mobile App


In addition to these great app ideas that haven’t been made above yet, there are thousands of other app industry ideas you can work on to create, especially with an awesome mobile app design company as your ideal development partner in crime. Just think of something useful in your environment that needs technological attention, and voila, you have an idea for another application. Despite the fact that applications from these categories are great app ideas that don’t exist, they may become in demand much more than others in the nearest future, the competition for them will also raise, which means that you will need to fight for a place in the top of business search results. Feel free to design the apps that should be invented with our help to provide great quality service with your newborn solution, bring social use, and earn all at once. Good luck.


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