Choosing the Best Readings for Effective Agile Product Management 3 Choosing the Best Readings for Effective Agile Product Management
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If you’re looking for product management books & other helpful reading material to lift up your agile product management, strengthen your business, or dwell on leadership skills; or you’re new to the business or product management and thinking where to start, we’ve handpicked a list of at least 12 best product management books that help people from product design and management perfect their craft. Here we go!

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What kind of readings is best?

When we rank the most valuable books for product designers, we quickly realize that usefulness is a relative criterion, even for those working within the same industry or company. It may primarily depend on each person’s tasks, whether it’s product design, agile management, motion design artist tasks, or something else.

As an expert in product design & management, you may be more interested in similar experiences and studying cases from other companies. But the taste and needs of agile developers within the same design niche, for instance, will differ from those dramatically. 

Anyway, when all these people work in agile teams, there are universal answers to many stressful questions that are more likely to bother everyone. And the answers may be found in a great book, journal, or blog: how to evaluate product ideas, how to decide which ones deserve development, what stage of readiness is most suitable for launch, how to adapt agile methods for the production of commercial products, how to align the team and many others.

The choice is yours and the best readings for your occupation will be up to your needs and professional tasks.

Top 12 product management books & other to choose from

So, what’s the best book for a product manager? And which is the most useful for a designer? Or even for both? On the list, you will find readings on UX/UI, strategy and research books, business tips, agile team management and so much more.

Reading books always help designers and PMs, business owners, and other people who need to inspire, master their knowledge on product design and management with the design basics & product management methods, and define what they need to know before getting into building high-quality products and managing them like a pro. So, feel free to revise some good books to read for product designers and managers you find useful the most in no time.

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1)How to Solve the Mismanagement Crisis: Diagnosis and Treatment of Management Problems

When your business overcomes a certain transformation, business scaling happens less stressfully. You stop overthinking about coming problems; you just try to solve them. Later, you pass over other business scaling phases easier by following a particular algorithm based on your own experience or experience of people who are smarter than you. The book is all about using that incredible potential.

2) Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great

We’ve always been thinking of retrospectives as the essential events of the Scrum Framework that most of us are engaged in. Without such retrospectives, you will not be evolving and improving. This book from the industry veterans will be sure to provide many valuable tips and agile techniques to keep those retrospectives fresh, effective and powerful for growth.

3) The Design of Everyday Things

Design shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why this guide was written to prove human-centered design and usability is just as vital as aesthetics.

4) Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process

One of the best rendering books for product designers was written by expert people who did a good job of pushing the Scrum Guide in context and providing the additional details that beginning Scrum Masters will find helpful.

5) The Lean Start-up: How constant innovation creates radically successful businesses

This book is a moderate way to deal with establishing another organization and building products that will succeed, through straightforward form build-measure-learn steps along with measuring progress, setting the right milestones, and prioritizing work as per design principles.

The lean design & development changed how items get created by crafting MVPs and persistently testing the vision with clients, to accomplish market fit. No big surprise the book is frequently claimed as a book of scriptures for business people.

6) This is Service Design Doing, applying service design thinking in the real world

There are a lot of methodology books on the best way to deliver great products, yet very little on the techniques that will really get you there. In the case that you’re searching for a total assortment of strategies, use cases, and instances of product management (aka product) plan to work on your items, then, at that point, this handbook is for you.

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7) Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days

In the present competitive existence where speed matters, once in a while more than anything, finding a solution to a central issue that saves you, is really important. Sprint in design depicts the course of how you can accomplish that in only 5 days, get commitments from everybody in your group, and as a little something extra, having a great time!

8) Well designed: How to use empathy to create products that people love

Here’s an annotation: disruptive innovators today are told to run free and think lean to bomb quick and succeed as sooner as possible. In any case, in a world fixated on the new, where cool added features frequently trump genuine client needs, it’s the buyer who endures. In our journey to be more light-footed, we wind up making items that disappoint. Give it a try.

9) Branding in five and a half steps

Michael Johnson is one of the world’s driving visual design creators and brand advisors. His studio, Johnson banks, is answerable for rebranding numerous remarkable clients, including Virgin Atlantic, Think London, BFI, Christian Aid, and MORE TH>N. He has collected plenty of grants all the while. Here you may find the ideas and solutions for your projects too.

10) Business-Driven Digital Product Design: Graphic Design in Brand Storytelling

This is quite a new contribution into the industry. A book on today’s business which is not about how to sell a product only, but how to sell an emotion related to it. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are not interested in one-time conversions anymore but strive to generate returning customers. To build long-term relationships with a target audience, brands should interact with an audience on a more emotional level. Digital illustration on a user interface, printed item, or branded stuff is an excellent way to create an emotional appeal to customers.

11) Business-Driven Digital Product Design: Influential Web & Mobile User Experience

Balancing the user needs and your business objectives in UX design are quite important to uncover the enigma of conversion-oriented web design for product owners or anyone else who is engaged in the product development process. Discover more on human-centered design, cognitive load in UX , user’s decision-making to build loyalty, dwell on the entrepreneurial skills and dive into the best web design strategies, as well as what’s behind the scenes with this free e-book.

12) Get sh*t done

Would you like to accomplish more, achieve more? Obviously, you do, everybody does. All in all, what’s halting you? Get Sh*t done not just shows you what’s keeping you from everyday accomplishment; it gives the quotes, devices and systems to assist you with getting to where you need to be. A great reading against procrastination and nailing up your leadership.

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Now you’ve got a ready-made list of the best books for product designers that are a must for reading. Anyway, a good book is about what is a good and user-friendly design all about, what’s the most essential for fruitful product management, taking into account the needs of customers and the basics of their psychology or more.

Business success is now tied to customer success, which is much about the user experience and beautiful designs well as how they are managed. Companies used to focus on sales and marketing, now they must communicate the value of their products to the customers and help them achieve their own results. Talented agile managers and other specialists always need some fresh ideas in their areas of expertise or profound revisions with many related questions.


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