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We’re thrilled to announce that Fireart Studio has been listed among Top Web Design Agencies for Healthcare Providers on Clutch. We are particularly happy to learn that our design has been featured in such a narrow-specific area and has become one more Fireart’s win in the global competition journey 2020.

Clutch research methodology is based on the data-driven investigation of business service providers in a specific market and verifying their trustworthiness to help customers identify the best company to hire. Recently, they have conducted in-depth healthcare web design industry research and defined the top-performing companies. We’re happy to learn that Fireart Studio has been highly ranked on the list of website design leaders.

The global digital transformation has significantly influenced all the industries, and medical service providers aren’t an exception. Nowadays, the healthcare industry is in the midst of an incredible transformation driven by the new, digitally empowered customer. 

The vast majority of people rely on the Internet as their primary source of healthcare-related information. For medical organizations looking to remain competitive and acquire a steady stream of new business, keeping up to date with the latest digital trends and customer preferences is key.

  • According to BlueCorona, 85% of patients rely on search engines to find a healthcare practitioner or treatment center.
  • As per MD Connect Inc, 83% of patients visit a hospital website before booking an appointment.
  • The same source says that 61% of patients visit at least two hospital websites before booking.

These stats prove the growing significance of having an outstanding digital presence for every healthcare practitioner and medical organization. A website is probably one of the vital parts of the overall online presence, providing all the crucial information about a service provider and allowing people to book an appointment right there.

If you want to gain your customer’s trust and loyalty, you should care about building a responsive, easy-to-use, highly informative, aesthetically pleasing website that introduces your healthcare center as a highly authoritative organization and emphasizes your positive reputation.

Your site has to give a tour of your organization, provide detailed information about your services, and make it easy for people to contact you and book an appointment. And all this should be done in only 3 seconds the time needed to make an emotional connection and keep users on your site. That’s also how long you have to assure them that you can solve their specific problem. 

That’s a challenging task  to build a website that combines elegance and functionality in one intuitive digital customer experience. So, you might need a helping hand and a reliable web design and development company that can assist you on how to implement your ideas.  

Fireart Studio has been on the cutting edge of website design for over seven years and has built thousands of websites across dozens of specialties. The team has seen many trends come and go. Throughout all this experience, Fireart has determined key principles and proven practices that help build great websites and can appear to be the right partner for your project.