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How To Make A Medical App

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15 Jun 2023
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Digitalization of medicine is an essential achievement of IT. Thanks to this process, people can receive any help related to their healthcare online. And you can make the medical services of your clinic more accessible to people using mobile applications. On the one hand, it enables to reduce the pressure on doctors. On the other, it reduces queues in the medical institutions or support phone lines and beyond. How to create a medical app with an mvp development company  is an issue of the day.

Healthist - Hospital Managing App
Healthist – Hospital Managing App

Mobile applications are a new way to interact with reality, to which people have successfully adapted. We buy in applications, find out the news, study, communicate and spend our free time.

Very soon, receiving medical care through a smartphone will become the same routine for us. And in order to differ from the competing applications, you must come up with a product idea that meets the needs of the target audience.

Types of Medical Applications

The development of medical applications is the creation of another sales channel for the clinic or your healthcare business. By creating it, you will be available to your patients on mobile and will be able to respond as soon as they need help. 

The extreme diversity of healthcare applications has an impact on development. While some apps, like patient monitoring solutions, are intended for doctors, some apps do not require medical accreditation. Here are some types you may consider depending on your particular business case.

Lifestyle Tracking Apps

How to develop a healthcare app for lifestyle? These are not only apps for yoga, running, other habits, or calories counting but the apps that enable GPs and Primary Care Nurses to assess and recognize patient progress through a connected patient app, and supports patients in setting realistic physical activity and nutrition objectives.

They might give parents a sense of security that they previously couldn’t. Consider an app that communicates with your child’s smartphone and updates you on their daily activities. You should know where their child is and even who they are speaking to provides parents peace of mind, etc.

Time Tracker App
Time Tracker App

Fitness Apps

Why use a fitness app? An application that you may download and use on any mobile device to get fit is called a fitness app. Exercise, other forms of physical training, nutrition and food, and other methods of being healthy are all assisted by fitness applications.

Personal gym trainer app
Personal gym trainer app

Health Counselling Apps

Mobile apps and other low-touch therapies should at the very least help you become more conscious of your symptoms during difficult moments. Most likely they do not treat any wellbeing issues, but if you have faith in it, it might help mitigate them. 

These apps may also aid college students in learning specialized subject matter or provide statistics. They aid psychology students’ learning outside of the classroom as well, etc. Currently, the app store offers more than 10,000 apps for mental health and other wellness counselling.

Health Statistics - Mobile App
Health Statistics – Mobile App

Meditation Apps

Reminders and trackers are not a limit. There are apps that help you fall asleep, calm down, and reduce stress & anxiety and so much more. Users of meditation applications like Calm and Headspace can engage in breathing exercises, guided meditations, and calming music to enhance their mental health. According to a recent report, their effects might be comparable to those of considerably more expensive types of in-person therapy. So, this type delivers material in a variety of formats, including audio, music, books, and most recently, visual art, for meditation, sleep, and motivation.

Yoga and meditation mobile app
Yoga and meditation mobile app

Application for test results storage or similar

Additionally, there are uses for medical laboratories. They make test results easily accessible to patients. You only need to provide a password to access your personal account in the mobile application to always have access to health-related information. You no longer need to send SMS notifications or wait for the person to come in for tests.

There are apps that store medical reference books, lists of drugs, diseases and a medical calculator that helps you find drug names based on the active substance, etc.

Must-Have Features of a Successful Health App

The majority of mobile app developers make smart, user-friendly, customizable, and straightforward mobile apps. List any features that can help your app stand out from the competitors. Good image resolution, quickness, and simplicity are some essential aspects. Here are more specific features that are a must have for building a health app.

Viva Mental Wealth | Web App
Viva Mental Wealth Web App

User Profile

first thing to create. An outstanding user experience and assistance in achieving your business objectives are key components of a successful mobile care app. Additionally, it should be simple to use, offer the consumer something extra that they wouldn’t get from a conventional website, and gather data to help you enhance client experiences. And you start with the profile as a key app area for the user to begin his journey with.


Add a dashboard to your  app which  is a piece of information management software that tracks, examines, and visually presents graphs, charts, metrics, and important data points to track the health of your users for your business success. 


Chat and Messaging

What does the app chat and messaging mean? Users can speak in real time privately or in groups using an in-app chat interface, which is a chat window integrated into an app or product. Emergency help is impossible without any proper messaging centre.


Booking fitness app
Booking fitness app

Video Conferencing

A live video-based meeting employing devices with video capabilities allows two or more people to meet remotely. Through the real-time transmission of audio, video, text, and presentations over the internet, video conferencing enables a group of people to interact and work together when separated by great distances. Doctors and their patients may conduct consultations remotely, etc.

Video Consultation
Video Consultation

Notification and Reminders

What do notifications and reminders do?  Interface that is clear, uncomplicated, and straightforward to use is the best thing for a chat and reminders. You can use reminders for anything that you don’t want to need to look up in order to be reminded about. For instance, you might set up a reminder for “Visit your Doc” to display on the first of every month, or mark the visit in the doc’s calendar as a reminder, etc.

Client applications and internal applications are the two main categories into which medical centers’ health applications fall. Client applications are any pieces of software that let a patient communicate with a doctor. Only personnel are allowed to build and use the remaining apps. These programs carry out a variety of clinical administration responsibilities. They can be connected to web services that completely automate clinics’ work. Applications like these support internal communication between clinic doctors, consultation with professionals in adjacent fields regarding patient-specific disorders, etc. 

Often, medical client and corporate applications are created. This will allow you to make development cheaper. If you want to start developing such a project, contact us. The team will advise you and help you build a new digital product that will help others.

Calendar for Doctors Web App
Calendar for Doctors Web App

Monetization Models: How do Health Apps Make Money?

Your app should provide clients relevant goods and services and include marketplace elements for optimum results. For instance, in an app environment, users can schedule and pay for doctor visits, purchase medications or nutritional supplements, or sign up for exercise regimens. Fees for each purchase are how you make money. This also entails tactics, including placing banner ads in your app, using video adverts, and using integrated advertising techniques, which we’ll go over in more detail below. In more detail, we will examine the three primary categories of healthcare apps in this section.

Paid Apps

Paid apps are those that a user pays a one-time price to download. These apps are frequently paid for and most likely don’t include adverts. Paid Apps have a higher perceived value, generate a higher average income per download, and enjoy greater user loyalty than free Apps. A large customer or follower base will be the reason for choosing a paid app.

Free Apps

What does a free app do? Free apps can be downloaded for no cost, and their primary revenue sources are advertisements, in-app sales, and paid subscriptions. Since the value of an app lies in its functionality, premium apps in the categories of gaming, education, business, and utilities typically perform well. Medical apps may be not quite appropriate to create as free. 

Subscription Model 

Customers may pay a monthly fee for access to a product rather than a one-time cost under a subscription business model. The consumer is frequently given the option of choosing whether to pay this recurring cost monthly or annually. Generally the most convenient model for monetizing apps is subscription.

How to Make a Medical App: 8 Steps to Build

How can you create a healthcare app without running into big problems? In terms of the quality of services, a mobile medical centre should not be inferior to face-to-face clinics. To help users trust your app, keep these tips in mind when developing your app. Here, we’ll walk you through the 8 easy steps of developing a healthcare app.

Step 1 – Conduct Market Research 

Determine the market niche you want to enter, then research it to find out everything you can about the trends, the major players, the target market, and the technology. A SWOT analysis can also be beneficial in identifying your strengths and opportunities so you can capitalize on them in the market.

Step 2 – Study Your Audience

The mobile application is the answer to the needs of the audience. To get  your target audience and comprehend their problems, you can conduct surveys and develop personas. Your product can only be a success if it outperforms its rivals at resolving a particular user problem. Surely, your business already has portraits of the target audience. A successful mobile app has to outgrow it. You will create a really unique proposition and a sought-after product.

Step 3 – Choose App Type & Monetizing model

Look for features and qualities that will make sure your product is better, stands out among the rest in the crowd, and attract attention. Choose how it will bring income. There are numerous application types available to you and at least three monetizing models to choose from.

Step 4 – Create the design

Work on a straightforward prototype to get a sense for the app’s interface. Ensure easy navigation to understand and your design is aesthetically pleasing. Accessibility and inclusion for people with vision problems and other types of disabilities should also be a priority.

Step 5 – Ensure HIPAA compliance

Healthcare has a strict legal side. So, it is a must to note that there are significant costs associated with HIPAA non-compliance. Ensure your software complies with all applicable laws, including non-disclosure of sensitive patient data and so on.

An application that people will use to solve health problems must guarantee the protection of their personal data. If information about the medical history becomes available to third parties, this can seriously compromise the safety of the patient.

Step 6 – Build an MVP

Create a list of necessary features, and then create an MVP with the bare minimum of functionalities. In other words, your MVP should be able to address the core issue, such as enabling appointment-making or prescription-writing, etc. In later rounds, you can increase the app’s functionality and add more sophisticated features.

Step 7 – Test it 

To launch your MVP to a select user base, and then solicit their comments is not enough.  Do extensive A/B tests to consider this feedback, and make use of it to enhance the app in subsequent development cycles.

Step 8 – Maintain & Support

As soon as the app is released, be sure to keep it maintained, update it, and add integration or some new features to stay ahead of the competition as per the market trends and beyond.


How much it to develop a mobile health app?

Depending on its complexity requirements, the technology utilized the design and user experience, and the post-launch services necessary, the cost of producing a healthcare app can vary significantly. An entry-level healthcare app typically costs $50,000 to $100,000, however more advanced apps can cost up to $300,000 or more.

How do health apps make money?

It is possible to introduce a medical application into the work of any clinic, whether it is dentistry or aesthetic medicine. Depending on the chosen app monetizing model, in-app acquisitions will bring income to the owner. Fees for each purchase, subscription or download are how you make money.

How long it takes to develop a medical app?

It can possibly take months to a year or more for the developers to build a medical application. Developing more complex software with cutting-edge capabilities like machine learning and custom integrations can take a year or more than developing a minimum viable product with basic functionality.


Now you know how to develop a medical app and enter the market or at least what to start from. The process of making a mobile app for healthcare is complicated. High budgets, HIPAA compliance, data security, and the appropriate IT stack can be challenging to balance and challenge your team. Best of all, check to see if the business has experience and an attractive portfolio, though, to demonstrate their skill level or start development with us from scratch asap. Finally, you can work with a trustworthy outstaffing partner who will provide you with the experts you need to complete the job so that you save money by hiring a dedicated team from Fireart. If you want to create a safe medical app and need assistance with the technology, drop us a line, and we may explain how to make a medical app.

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