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Get ready to learn the top seven web development trends that will help your e-business outperform competitors in the digital world regardless of a recession.

As the global digital transformation goes on, businesses need to adopt new market rules and switch the trade into an online mode. In the digital world, a robust website has become an obligatory requirement for business survival. It helps stand out from competitors, introduce your brand creatively, and build trust with customers. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.5 billion websites and approximately 200 million active websites. And the numbers continue to grow.

To build a website that shines out the online competition, web developers, as well as business owners, should be aware of emerging web development trends. In this article, I’m going to consider the top seven website development trends that will help you create an appealing and reliable site. 

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps are one of the most popular web development trends today. These are websites that function natively like common mobile apps. They allow brands to cover a mobile target audience and look amazing on the web at the same time. Many companies that have built PWAs have witnessed a considerable increase in user engagement. The world’s known brands like Ali Express, Forbes, Smashing Magazine, and OLX have already experienced the benefits of having a progressive web application.

Web Design and Animation by Quan for Fireart Studio

Artificial intelligence in Customer Care

With the advent of artificial intelligence, many industries have significantly evolved and experienced a profound transformation in process automation, data collection, data analysis, and learning. According to Gartner, over 85% of customer interactions will happen without humans by 2020. 

We can also notice that AI-powered chatbots have become popular in website development, in particular. They help enhance customer service and make online interaction with a brand much more enjoyable. Consequently, excellent and innovative customer care grow the target audience’s loyalty and conversion rates.

Push Notifications

In the online world, the number of touchpoints of customers and brands has increased. We interact with our beloved brands via mobile applications, websites, social media, and other online channels available on the web. There is also one more way to communicate with consumers and build relationships with them. These are push notifications. Please, don’t underestimate them since they can level up your remarketing strategy, generate returning users, and grow sales. 

Single-Page Applications

A single page application (SPA) is an app that works inside of the browser and reduces reloading requirements. It’s one page that is commonly visited first, and then with the help of JavaScript, it loads the rest of the content. These apps are easily accessible and allow you to avoid waiting time for the user. The most famous examples of single-page apps include Gmail, Facebook, and GoogleMaps. Their most significant benefits are high speed, an adaptable layout, user-friendliness, and the tendency to increase conversions.

Motion User Interface

Motion design has become the new trend spicing up web experiences today. As custom web development evolves, more complicated and smoother animated transitions became possible. The animation in a user interface design helps increase user engagement, draw attention, and evoke interest toward a brand. It really does wonders for increasing the conversion rate on websites.

Web Design and Animation by CRI$$ for Fireart Studio


The new digital era has faced new cyberattacks, unfortunately. According to Cybersecurity Ventures Report, cybercrime is likely to cost the world $6 trillion per year by 2021. Cyber threats, website hacking, and information theft happen comparatively often today. They are the dark side of technological advancement and scientific progression. It also means that we need to take enhanced security measures to avoid leakage of the information about your web users and customers. That’s why enhanced cybersecurity has become an entire trend.

Browser Extensions

It might be surprising but browser extensions are among the top web development trends indeed. These are plug-ins that extend web browser functionality in various ways like blocking ads or swapping web images. Extensions provide utility and novelty that are the essential ingredients in the online marketing landscape.

Keep Up with These Top Web Dev Trends in 2020

The website development process is a challenging path to creating a remarkable online business presence. It’s full of pitfalls and hardships; however, accompanied by an experienced web development team, you can overcome them easily. Also, it’s essential to keep updated with the latest web dev trends to build a modern website and stay ahead of the competition in the digital world. Hopefully, my insights and findings will be helpful to you and let you see what digital trends can bring even more value to your business.