How to Use Illustrations in Web Design for Better UX in 2023? How to Use Illustrations in Web Design for Better UX in 2023?
Review: 5- 5 5 How to Use Illustrations in Web Design for Better UX in 2023?

How to Use Illustrations in Web Design for Better UX in 2023?

08 Dec 2022
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Illustrations in web design are an effective way to convey the tone of voice and style of your brand and website. Find out why and when to use them and what types of illustrations are available and created by our team.

How to Use Illustrations in Web Design for Better UX in 2022?
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Why Should You Use Illustrations in Web Design?

While it sometimes sounds like a good idea to put illustrations aside, they can serve a more critical and universal purpose in your product design. The truth is that even when you hire dedicated website designer we develop a brand’s visual style for the first time, we need to deal with several components – a great logo, a color palette, typography, texture, and more. Another essential element is an illustration. This concerns everything from photographs used on the website to graphics or animation appearing in the company’s mailing campaigns, blogs, and social networks. Let’s check on how they are often applied in web design.

How to Use Illustrations in Web Design: Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s check out how web design illustrations are chosen and integrated into the brand design style to look good and make the website or your future app look good and function better.

Step 1: Figure Out Why

Visuals can tell users a lot about a brand’s style. That’s why you need to define the goal of your design element and decide why illustration will be a perfect fit there. Besides, there are some limitations, not everything can be conveyed through a static image, photo or a short video, etc.

Step 2: Find Your Style

One or another type of illustration can add additional context to the interface or present individual components of your website in a more correct form. With illustrations from graphic design services, you can express your style and tone more openly than with real images.

Step 3: Decide How Much of the Site Will Be Illustrated

If you’re using illustrations to help people navigate your website, rather than as a narrative element or part of your own world, it’s best to include them in your design. The website does not have to be completely covered with images – this applies to both photographs and illustrations. However, you must determine how many illustrations you actually need.

Step 4: Build Your Illustration Toolkit

If you plan to create something truly unique, you may need to hire an illustrator to help you with this work. There are plenty of tools to help them create awesome illustrations and add them to your website.

Dry run until success
Illustration by Fireart

Best Examples of Web Design Illustrations

In case you need to tell a story and create your own world with the help of quality visuals, illustrations are the way to go. Illustrations can show a world similar to ours, only digital. Here are some beautiful pieces to look through:

1. 3d graphics

Want to make your website more alive? 3D graphics is undoubtedly another effective way to solve this problem. You can further animate your images depending on your illustration skills and project budget.

logo design
Animated logo design

2. Whiteboard

Feel free to apply line drawings, sketches, and cartoons like doodles or whiteboard illustrations if suitable. The examples below demonstrate some of these features:

ByNext Homepage
ByNext Homepage

3. Flat design

Flat and semi-flat is fully two-dimensional interfaces. Flat illustrations tend to grab attention yet look minimalistic and unassuming. This means that you can use them as a complement to your content without overwhelming your visitors with overly strong visuals. Additionally, vector illustrations stay crisp at any scale, which is handy if you’re creating a responsive design. Let’s look at a few examples:

How to Use Illustrations Spice up Your Web Design
Also, check out How to use illustrations to spice up your design


Everything seems unusual and looks original when you, instead of pictures, add real photos to your UX design. This is the charm of the brand. A simple site with photos or videos will be able to accurately convey what users will experience inside the website or application in a more old-fashioned way.

Couple's Wedding Website
Couple’s Wedding Website

Best Designer Tools for Web & Graphic Design Professionals

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator or similar products from their line is the king of vector graphics software. It’s hard to knock Adobe off of its status. Adobe Illustrator offers vector-based user interface tools that help to create prototypes and mockups with an interface familiar to anyone using other Adobe products. This, makes it a go-to for many UI/UX designers. gradient Adobe XD has many sophisticated tools, also stocked with what designers need to accomplich interactions and integrate dynamic elements into prototypes or mockups, etc.

Affinity Designer

Users interested in vector graphics often come across a program such as an Affinity Designer. It promises many valuable functions on its official website, etc. People who prefer to work on Apple devices will like it too.


Canva is still one of the best tools for creating and editing design materials for social media pages, websites, presentations, reports, and printed materials. Canva is a free photo editor great for design beginners and seasoned professionals. The service allows you to quickly and easily create excellent posts for social networks, creative videos, presentations, Stories for Instagram, and other visual materials. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of Canva and how to use the service at an advanced level.


With a full suite of applications, InVision provides designers the UI/UX design tools they so much need to create fully functional and beautiful prototypes with dynamic elements and animations.


One of the most popular apps for digital artists is Procreate. This application contains many tools, which is why artists love it. Procreate is also great for both beginners and real professionals in the field of digital drawing. With this application, you can learn new drawing styles and develop your skills in many ways.

Final Words

When designing a branding or website for a new client, one of the first questions to answer is, what kind of graphics will you be using? Photos and other realistic images or illustrations? Pictures and videos are ubiquitous, so illustrations often help a brand stand out from the crowd. But that’s not all. Illustrations can also be a very effective storytelling tool and allow you to create entire digital worlds. Anyway, whether you’re looking to create a new site or update an existing one, it is time to experiment with illustrations with Motion Design Services from the leading ui design firm creators.

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