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Technology is evolving rapidly. New devices and applications come to the market every day, providing solutions to problems we didn’t even know existed. 

If you have a mobile app that hasn’t been improved in a while, it probably doesn’t function as well anymore and has less engaged users. Furthermore, app stores are constantly being cleaned, which means that old or non-functioning apps are likely to get removed. 

Your app doesn’t have to fall into that category. According to research by Gartner, 20% of companies will abandon their mobile apps by the end of 2019.

Before the development of your app, you made a plan, observed your potential users and tested your mobile app, or at least you should have. This is the process of understanding and analyzing your users and their interaction with your product.

However, the research and launch of your app, don’t make your job complete. You need to provide regular updates, customer support and to fix bugs. This takes some constant work, time and money. 

When you already have an app you’ll have to improve it frequently or you become a part of the 20% who abandon their apps.

If you have done your UX research the first time around, it would be much easier to use it for your existing app. But how exactly can it help? Well, have a look at these tips on how to use UX research to revive your old mobile app.

Think of your business goals

In the very beginning of your UX research process, you need to get back to the basics and think of your main business goals. What was your business model when you first started. You need to find the reasons why user experience lost its charm.

Realign your business goals and make your UX designed to fulfill them. Keep in mind though, no goal would work out if you don’t work for it. UX research can help you keep your vision clear and identify any area of frustration, so it can be optimized for a better experience.