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Digital illustrations and UX. They seem to be an unordinary mix. Although, this combination can bring additional value to a mobile app and its user experience.

UI designers often employ digital illustrations in their designs to provide a better user experience. Illustrations help you convey complex ideas, transfer information, set a positive mood, and engage a user. In this article, we will discuss the ways to use illustrations in UI design to improve UX.

Transfer Information More Efficiently Than Through The Text

Design by Marta Więckowska for Fireart Studio

You can use illustrations in tutorials and onboarding screens of mobile apps. It will help you make a process of interaction easier, smoother, and faster. You can use illustrations to explain the following:

  • Various pricing packages.
  • The meaning of the error message.
  • Items included in the product plan.
  • Or simply to welcome users.

Your explanations will work much better if you accompany them with digital illustrations since the visuals are faster perceived than text. They break down difficult information into simple scenes that are easy-to-understand.