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In this article, we provide a full overview of mobile app development trends expected to boom in 2021. From IoT and apps for foldable devices to augmented reality and chatbots. Are you ready for an immersive dive into the mobile app development industry? 

The mobile app development industry is a fast-changing landscape full of innovations and new technologies. In 2021, we expect to see even more amazing trends and mobile experiences. Businesses need to stay in the loop with recent app trends, as this information empowers them and helps them make better-informed decisions about how to improve their mobile presence.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely interested in taking a quick tour into the mobile app development world and learn about its latest innovations, mobile trends, insights and news. You’re in the right place. Please fasten your belts. We start it now.

Applications for Foldable Phones

Foldable devices are a new trend that just started deploying their power in the modern market. Hundreds of mobile applications have already been adjusted for this technology. Since the number of foldable devices is quickly growing, companies need to build applications optimized for it if they want to keep up with the competition. It will probably require even creating a new development strategy.

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5G Technology

5G has already become a buzzword. We so often can hear this word that it seems to be on almost everyone’s mind today. 5G technology will also have a significant impact on the app industry. This mobile development trend will reimagine the way apps are utilized and built. The number of 5G connections is predicted to triple by 2022. The tendency is now going to only grow.

For app creators, 5G technology means creating faster, better-performing and more responsive applications that correspond to a new trend, as well as testing them at the 5G speed in the different development stages. The expansion of this app technology will allow developers to add more features to applications.

Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things is not a new concept. However, it has a significant impact on the modern mobile app development industry. That’s why we feature it in this list. Mobile app development for smart devices is gaining momentum right now. A great number of modern consumers prefer purchasing intelligent electronics controlled directly from their smartphones through special IoT applications. The world is getting more connected, and smart homes, cars, lighting, coffee machines, etc. become a part of our everyday reality. Naturally, we predict the increasing popularity of IoT apps.

Apps for Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are a type of consumer electronics that implies that users carry it with themselves. The common examples include a smartwatch, headphones, fitness tracker and others. Wearable devices aren’t a new trend. Neither are the apps for them. However, the significance, demand and popularity of this kind of application have so amazingly grown-up that we just must mention them here.

Wearables continue altering the mobile app development industry. In 2021, more and more applications will be created with wearable technologies in mind. Today, we witness the increasing number of app integrations with wearables.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Along with machine learning and voice interfaces, AI has gained popularity in 2020 and still is gaining momentum in 2021. It has been greatly implemented in mobile apps in different niches. Today, we can see AI features in an increasingly growing number of applications. Usually, they include facial recognition, fingerprints, voice recognition, predictive maintenance, and others.

Artificial intelligence can entirely rethink mobile app creation in 2021. It will make mobile applications smarter, improve their performance and provide a more convenient user experience.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has spanned many business sectors today. First developed in 2013, it has become one of the most impressive mobile app trends now. This technology has found its place in almost every niche, from healthcare to hospitality and retail.

The idea of beacon technology is relatively new and simple. It works as following: if you are a mobile app reseller that creates applications for retailers, then your clients can download beacons into their stores that can connect with the user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth (in the case if the application is installed on their device). It allows them to get instantly notified when there is a sale or a discount on the product in the store. It’s a great marketing opportunity that allows brands to advance the customer experience. 

MCommerce Applications

Of course, mCommerce still is a big application trend in 2021. Today, almost every business across the industries tries to find monetizing opportunities in the mobile application space. The number of mCommerce applications is rapidly growing. From big enterprises to small businesses, content creators, and retailers, it seems that almost everyone is trying to generate revenue using a mobile commerce application.

For eCommerce businesses, having a mobile app becomes essential. Where aren’t there right now, but the future in which a mobile app is a critical element for e-business success is very near.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets have become as important as artificial intelligence and mCommerce features in applications. The usage of mobile wallets is expected to double in 2021. People prefer leveraging mobile wallets like GPay, Samsung Pay and other alternative payment methods. They have become so essential for modern customers today that many app creators should keep them in mind when developing new products.

Many experts say that a mobile wallet should become a must-have function for every mobile application. We can’t help but agree with it since almost every eCommerce mobile application doesn’t go with the necessary mobile wallet integrations or their own built-in wallets today.

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Conversational user experiences have been born much earlier. However, their popularity and importance are expected to amplify this year. Today, we can see chatbots on websites and mobile applications. They allow companies to stay in touch with their customers almost round the clock and provide a better online experience to them. It also lets people feel that they can always reach out to the brand and be answered almost instantly. It’s uber-important for a positive customer experience.

Today, chatbots are getting smarter and smarter. With the advent of artificial intelligence, chatbots turned into constantly learning online personalities that provide each time preciser and more “natural” answers to the users talking to them. We can also see voice recognition technology integrated into modern chatbots. They play a significant role in the online customer experience and greatly influence the way mobile apps are now created. So, it’s not surprising that they are listed as one of the latest mobile app development trends here.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is becoming a part of the consumer’s everyday reality. This technology allows placing virtual objects into real environments and model how they could look in reality together. From Pokemon Go to new commercial mobile applications with AR features, this apps trend is rapidly growing in the modern digital world. Big brands like L’Oreal, IKEA, and others have already introduced this technology into their mobile applications. So, we mention it on the list as one of the top mobile trends influencing the app development industry.

Our favorite example of how AR applications can be used for commercial and marketing purposes is an app developed by L’Oreal. It enables users to create virtual make-up and view how they would look with different cosmetics types and styles. This feature empowers them to choose beauty products that suit them best.

Wrapping Up

The coolest application development trends 2021 – most of them are listed in this top-10 collection. The Internet of Things, applications for foldable devices, 5G technology, applications for wearables, beacon technology, mobile commerce, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile wallets, augmented reality and chatbots – all of these tendencies make a huge influence on the modern mobile industry and contribute to the convenience of our daily mobile app interactions.

We hope that this quick introduction of the best trends in mobile apps has inspired you to create something great in your application and incorporate some of these innovations into it. Regardless of the industry and niche, innovation can always help your company and product stand out from the competition, attract new customers and deliver something extra-ordinary to people.

Do you have more questions about mobile app development? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected] and ask all of them. We’re here to help you get the most comprehensive information about mobile industry trends and the development process.