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The design-first approach will become a secondary attribute in the upcoming year. The design of digital products in 2019 will focus on improving people’s lives and meeting business goals. This suggests that simple design with asymmetrical layouts, mobile-first approach and a special focus on page speed are likely to prevail. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at 6 hot UI trends to stick to in the upcoming 2019.

1. Boost user experience with in-app gestures

An important factor influencing UI mobile trends in 2019 is clean edgeless screen design that’s been in the limelight since 2018 and is likely to become trendy in 2019 too. Recent releases of buttonless products from Google, Samsung, and Apple will definitely force mobile app designers to re-think their future designs. The buttonless nature changes the way UI design can be conceptualized, forcing users toward gestures. Losing the buttons means a larger screen and more place for implementing UI ideas for mobile app designers.

You can benefit from a buttonless screen by adding simple animations based on the gesture needed to perform a task.

Let a user swipe left to delete a message or pull down on a page to refresh it. There is plenty of in-app gesture ideas that can significantly change mobile user interface design and make it sleeker, more modern, and far more effective. Currently, almost every application uses in-app gestures to speed up navigation. For instance, you can double-tap a photo on Instagram and Dribbble instead of pressing it like a button.

2. Face ID

Face ID is another noteworthy addition and amongst the hottest trends of 2018 which will surely transition in 2019. While it’s primarily known for enabling the user to unlock their phone, designers also started incorporating this technology into mobile apps too. Do you remember all your passwords – with face ID, there’s no need to.?

That’s an amazing opportunity for UI designers to smoothen the user flow, improve mobile app design, and make people feel more secure. Face ID is a mobile design trend you should start working on because 2019 will surely see this technology being much more widely used, especially when in e-Commerce app design.

3. Motion: Video and Animation

The ability to maintain focus has actually improved over time, but the audience has become more selective in the content they choose to consume. According to the 2018 State of Attention Report, the use of animated visuals is effective in keeping the audience engaged.

Social media is one of the most common places which perfectly exemplifies how video content can replace written content. Short and precise videos help retain people’s attention spans for more than 8 seconds while being even more informative and engaging than traditional written content.

Video content and animation will surely play a crucial role in 2019. If you’re not doing it already, you should seriously consider it.

Using videos or animation you can demonstrate new app features, show how to do a certain task, or convey other important information more effectively.

4. Chatbots and conversational design

Picture this: your prospective customer is about to make a purchase but needs your help. It might be quite difficult for a user to find the “Contact us” button. Moreover, waiting for the answer from customer service can easily become a major barrier to a sale. A good conversational design that takes advantage of artificial intelligence can seriously help convert visitors into customers.

The way a chatbot looks in your mobile user interface can vary, and it’s generally a matter of overall design. However, when implemented properly, it can improve the user interface tremendously.

5. Augmented reality in UI design

2019 will require thinking outside the box, or rather, the grid. Your UI might not be fixed to a screen anymore. Using augmented reality, mobile app designers emphasize interactions with the real world.

You can use AR to create functional user interfaces that allow customers to try furniture out before buying it, for example. Or, imagine, your mobile app lets users try on clothes to see how they’d look before purchasing  – augmented reality may become a perfect tool which makes the shopping process even more interactive.

Augmented reality plays a huge role in the design of user interface and it’s not going away, despite the fact that it’s not a new trend, per say.

6. Neutral interfaces and content-focused experiences

Graphic designers tend to strip away all decorative elements and direct the user’s attention towards content. This decreases the mobile app’s complexity and makes the user interface almost invisible. Content-first layouts help users consume the content without being distracted.

While neutral interfaces bring out a lot of benefits, they also pose a lot of challenges for app designers. The main issue is that such interfaces look very similar and it becomes harder to create a truly memorable experience.

Using typography, however, can help you distinguish a brand among others and make your app stand out on the market.


Due to the fast transformations in the mobile industry, the boundaries of mobile app experiences are constantly changing too. We’re expecting to see even more amazing innovations that will influence mobile app design trends in the upcoming year. Despite our fast-paced everyday life, it’s the designer who’s supposed to make people’s lives better. These 7 hot trends in UI design will help make your mobile app stand out in the market.