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The fast-evolving technologies influence all the industries, especially design. To produce a competitive design, creative professionals should keep track of what is happening in the tech world. The emerging innovations have made a significant impact on the current design trends. 

In this article, our product design team will uncover the most popular UI tendencies that await us in 2020. Get ready for an exciting design journey!

Animated Illustrations

Motion design by Dmitry Kazak for Fireart Studio
Motion Design by Dmitry Kazak for Fireart Studio

Illustrations have been existing in the digital world for a long time, and they are still trendy today. They create a feeling of “human touch” in the concise and often predictive user experience design. 

However, this year, designers will likely breathe life into flat images in mobile apps and websites. 2020 is predicted to become memorable for the fast-growing tendency of animated illustrations in UI design. 

Digital illustrations are powerful attention grabbers. They add more personality to user interfaces and help shape a specific style of a digital product. The animation makes users interact with a product and company at a more emotional level. It helps increase user loyalty and create a positive brand image.


Design by Eugene Paryhin for Fireart Studio

Microinteractions have already become very intuitive and almost invisible elements in each mobile application or website. They look so natural to us that we do not even notice them when using an app or website. However, if to remove these features, users will quickly recognize the difference and feel that something important has disappeared in the user interface design.

We used to feel microinteractions as logical responses to our actions in a user interface. The perfect example of the harmonious usage of microinteractions is Facebook. Small interactions, such as “Likes” and “Emojis” make this giant social network look more “alive.” 

Every new year brings new technologies, new devices, and more opportunities for creating new microinteractions. So we expect to see them in 2020 too.

3D Graphics in Web and Mobile UI

Design by Hesham Mohamed for Fireart Studio

We could see 3D graphics incorporated in video games, movies, and advertising for many years. However, in 2020, it also appears in web and mobile user interfaces. It brings fresh air to UI design and makes it stand out from the crowd of alternative digital products and brands. 

New amazing features of web browsers have opened us, as designers, incredible opportunities for creative experiments. One of such discoveries will become 3D graphics used in UI design for web and mobile. It is not easy to implement. This type of motion design requires much time and effort. However, the results are mostly worth all the attempts. They are really rewarding and promising to bring more traffic and conversions to companies.