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How to create a successful app is an interesting question. Every entrepreneur wants to find that out before planning any digital transformations. To safeguard the visibility of an app in a highly competitive environment is the first step to take. Here the developers must be cautious about what makes a good app and the whole development process to offer their clients optimal solutions.

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Key features of a successful app

For example, you have an exciting idea for an app. You are confident that this will be a winning application to become famous and create buzz. So, what makes an app successful?  Let’s think about what key features it should introduce to achieve great results from the start.

  • Latest tech stack,
  • Augmented reality,
  • Cross-platform,
  • Security,
  • Business solutions,
  • Aligned with connectivity standards,
  • Offline functionality,
  • Customer support,
  • Scalability, etc.

When you approach the process, you are always welcome to inquire about how to make a successful app from an expert development team. You may definitely come up with more features that will best serve your business needs and your customers’ demands.

What Makes an App Successful?

If you need to create a successful mobile app, you also need to identify or clearly understand:

·        A problem

To create a successful mobile application, first of all, you need to keep in mind that your application can solve the users’ problems. So, the first thing to come up with is defining their pains and making prospects on eliminating them with the help of your future app.

·        Target users

When designing an application, the target users of the application should always be considered. By having a clear understanding of the market, target group, increase the success rate of the application.

·        Decide on the features

The application must deliver tangible benefits to customers by solving their problems, including cost savings through increased productivity, new revenue, or improved customer experience. It should be developed bug-free and scalable or flexible for any integration, and work on any device, etc.

·        Support

Supported mobile platforms and devices should also be considered while building apps. When choosing mobile platforms and devices, consider hardware performance, battery life, reliability, and required peripherals. Some factors to consider when choosing mobile platforms and devices include the coverage, support of devices, their performance, etc.

·        Revenue model

The app data market is growing fast and it’s better to consider how you may monetize your app in advance. To secure this resource and generate revenues, the app developer needs to choose the appropriate approach according to the app type, alongside tech stack and the features.

Best Tips to Create a Successful App

What you need to do for building your apps successfully? When all the preliminary measures are taken, you may pass over to building the app of your dream. There are a couple of basic app development tips to follow and skyrocket your project:

Decide on an app development approach

Choosing the right approach to application development is very important. Make it native, web, or hybrid. If you need to learn common mobile design patterns, feel free to explore more on mobile app types and their peculiarities.

Create an application prototype

Don’t make illusions. It’s hard to define if the app is really functional and solves the users’ problems without prototyping. Turning your idea into an app by means of adding some basic functionality via the prototype makes it easier to sell your idea to potential buyers, who can now see tangible benefits rather than just visualizing or reading a product description.

Take steps to protect your app from unauthorized use and data access even while prototyping.

Measure success

Stay smart. Integrate the right analytics tool to measure success from start. Enable relevant analytics to get a detailed picture of how many visitors are using your product, how they get there, how they might keep coming back, etc.

Make tests

Not only does this reduce product risk, but it also gives you an initial boost in the app store. Identify and clearly define your target audience. This will allow you to identify the right testers during the beta test rounds.

Plan releases

It requires a plan, schedule, and control to move releases into the tests and live environments. The main purpose of deployment management is to safeguard the integrity of the live environment and correct components to be released on time.

Plan updates

Update the app as improved and add new features. The need to collect accurate indicators and stay data-driven is critical. With the number of consumers using so many mobile apps steadily growing, collecting objective metrics is becoming increasingly crucial for planning updates and scaling.

Promote it

Promote your app the right possible way. Pick the appropriate channels and instruments, do not forget to measure success and improve the metrics, etc. Funnel analysis shows why users are unable to complete desired actions, including in-app purchases or clicks on ads, etc. Social activities, demography, or geo should be measured accordingly.

5 Examples of Successful Application

Now you have a better idea of how to create a successful app. Also, have a list of the most successful app concepts developed by the Fireart team as a high-quality example of app standards. Here we go.

Successful application creation best practices

1)    Cloud-Working Space App

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2) Cloud-Working Space App

How to Create a Successful App? 19

3) Night Hiking App

How to Create a Successful App? 20

4) Mobile Audiobook App

How to Create a Successful App? 21

5) Hotel iOS App

How to Create a Successful App? 22

Do you want to create your own app? – Feel free to contact us!

The development of your application is another important factor influencing the application’s success in the market. Remember that good design and good UI-UX means good discoverability. The app developer should focus on user interface design; multi-touch gestures for touch devices, platform design standards, etc. All that and so much more are all our strong points. Feel free to hire us as a reliable source of design expertise and agile design methods and do the full cycle development flawlessly.


Today, app development is becoming more and more popular as it has an instant impact on the user’s mind while providing the user experience of the app. The emphasis on the UI/UX design of an application plays a critical role in the success of your design application. There may be several drag-and-drop app builders available on the market. But how to build a successful app is always an issue of expertise, great approach, and practical development methods. The developers must be cautious about what makes a good app and the whole development process to offer the clients optimal solutions.  And that’s what you need to focus on while looking for a reliable app developer.


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