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Identifying trends in the immensely broad field of illustrations could be a bit tricky. It stretches well beyond borders and media channels and, as such, illustration trends need a lot more attention.

Now that 2018 has passed by, we do feel as if it’s time to take a look at a few illustration trends which are likely to either stick with us or emerge in 2019.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of ways illustration in UX design improves the overall performance of your website and if you’re in line with what’s current and what’s new, you’ll have a better shot at standing out on top of the vast competition.

Abstract Could Resurface

This trend we predicate on the defined dominance of bright and shiny 2D vector art.

There is one thing that needs to be taken into account here. While abstract illustrations which are also a tad bit quirky can be particularly effective for your design in 2019, it’s important not to trip the user.

There’s a fine line between being creative and being confusing, the latter of which can quickly start to annoy. Subtle and playful abstract forms trigger the imagination and invoke a welcoming feeling of playfulness – something that you should strive to.

Fun and Engaging

A couple of years ago we observed a fairly substantial turn of the tides as the majority of illustration artists seemed to follow both depressing and fairly dystopian themes.

It seems that people have had enough. In 2018 we saw the return of illustrations which are both playful and engaging.

2019 is likely to keep following the same pattern. The animation is becoming particularly popular for a wide range of different reasons.

It’s relatable – that’s why it’s easily accepted. People relate to cartoons and animated designs because it takes them back. However, it’s important to balance it properly.

Again, there’s a fine line between what’s likable and what’s annoying. If you overdo it, your theme will begin looking unserious.