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As of 2021, smartphone users worldwide have increased significantly and reached 3.8 billion. And this number is still growing. This is a clear indicator of how smartphones are becoming an essential part of people’s lives. Based on that, companies are coming up with full-fledged mobile apps that serve them seamlessly. Discover some more kinds of mobile apps, which may be native, hybrid, as well as mobile applications for websites classified as per their usage.

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What’s Again a Mobile App?

Magenest defines it to be as follows:

‘A mobile application, most commonly known as an app, is a kind of application software intended to run on a mobile phone, a smartphone or tablet PC. Mobile applications often serve to furnish clients with comparable administrations to those got to on PCs. Apps are by and large small, individual software units with restricted capacity.’

You may also read more on types of mobile apps with examples with us to better understand what’s what to produce your products, as well as to decide on software development services to better fit the process.

Categories of Mobile Apps by Usage You Might not Know

How to choose the type of application for your online business among the different kinds of mobile apps? This is where your real challenge begins; your entire business may depend on what types of mobile applications you are going to develop to fulfill your users’ demands.

Of course, you may switch to a different type of application in the case you change your strategy, but it will take on your budget and the time to the market, etc. This also will demand additional tools, time, and resources for developing from scratch over and over again, etc. That’s why you’d better decide on all the factors before outsourcing a mobile app development company and starting your app. And here are the types of mobile applications & their peculiarities by usage you should also keep in mind.

1) Information Mobile Applications

This type of mobile application class joins a variety of applications that assist customers with forming new skills or learning new data. For example, language learning applications have become incredibly standard since they give customers the flexibility they look for in learning.

Instructive game applications are a fantastic tool for youngsters. Various informative applications are popular among instructors or tutors, who use them to improve their teaching cycle or other self-improvement activities.

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2) Game Apps

Purely entertaining mobile application categories are the most popular group that comprise multiple awesome games and more. You would be bewildered by the number of customers who introduce games on their phones. Corporations contribute/utilize a colossal amount of time and resources into spreading the word about games and portable renditions of well-known games since it is an especially rewarding business sector.

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Game Publisher Management iOS App

3) Social Media Mobile Applications

Different mobile app types are not limited to programs only. These may also be social networks. Such apps allow the customers to share video content, search for events, talk or watch content on the web, chat, and so much more.

Online media applications like Facebook or Instagram are mind-blowing models. Also, they may be the streaming applications like, for instance, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. They have gotten incredibly notable with customers wherever on the planet. These mobile application types assist clients with the different structures and forms of engaging techniques, alongside the constant adjustment to satisfy their needs.

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Social Networking & Forum Mobile App

4) Productivity Mobile Apps

Another useful software among the great choice from different types of mobile apps that will always be in vogue is productivity tools. You may now get organized with these productivity apps in no time:

  • #1: Serene (macOS)
  • #2: Todoist (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • #3: Wunderlist (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari)
  • #4: Trello (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web)
  • #7: Airtable (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

Or you may create that of your own. Sky’s the limit. Also, feel free to check out more productivity app examples.

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Productivity Watch

5) Lifestyle Mobile Applications

Mobile applications types like that are extremely sought after by the users. Travel apps are one of the most favorite here. The primary thought behind this type of mobile application assisting clients with multiple lifestyle issues centered around different parts of their individual ways of life without any problem: walking, traveling, reading, or other hobbies – all’s here.

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Soulwise – Meditation App

6) Utility Mobile Apps

Utility apps are one of the most useful kinds of mobile apps you have ever found. Indeed, utility applications typically have the shortest user session time. Individuals often apply them to complete specific commands, accomplish things, and proceed onward. The most mainstream utility apps are standardized technologies like identification scanners, medical services applications, or trackers.

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Medical App

Do you want to create your own app? – Feel free to contact us!

We all know how hard it is to decide on the types of mobile app development and choose a reliable vendor from the variety of small business branding agencies to provide the top-notch conditions for making your app ideas a reality asap.

Suppose you’ve decided to create your application for your company.

In that case, you need to consider some factors, such as the compatibility of applications on different operating systems, the speed of application execution, whether you have an appropriate website with the necessary services (if you decide to choose a hybrid application), etc., we will discuss these and other nuances if you contact us immediately. So, don’t linger.


To sum up, with the different types of mobile application, it’s wise first of all, not to confuse the concepts of mobile application and mobile version, understand the differences in development types and make up your mind what your app will be designed for: to entertain, to organize, as a utility tool or social network, etc. Still have no clue – contact  us or discover the cases which may help.


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