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Have you already started your app project for iOS? Then you should be aware of the various development options. And if the idea of developing mobile applications for iOS has just appeared in your head, then the following question would be the choice of the best language for ios app development.

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What you need to know before creating iOS App?

What programming language for iOS to pick, and what are the pitfalls? First, you need a clear vision of the market and the end-users for your iOS project. So, deeply research your market:

  • Decide on your elevator pitch & target audience.
  • Consider native, hybrid & web apps.
  • Define your monetization options.
  • Build pre-launch marketing strategy.
  • Make an app store optimization plan.
  • Define your resources.
  • Ensure security measures.
  • Choose the right vendor to help.

In the end, you’ll want to dive deeper into the market and sift through the user reviews to foresee why your app users like this iOS so much and what ate perspectives of scaling it there will be in the future.

6 Best programming languages for Native iOS App Development

Mostly Objective-C and Swift programming languages are used as the best programming language for iOS app development to build applications for devices running iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS. They are the main languages for writing iOS applications. However, there are more solutions to build your iOS platform.

Objective C

Developers are given several options: Objective-C, Swift, and C++. Each of them has both advantages & disadvantages, suitable for certain tasks. All of them relate to object-oriented programming, where the basic principles of native development are followed with the grouping of similar tasks into classes, etc.


Swift is a modern best programming language for iOS that incorporates the best C code and Objective-C languages and is used a lot for today’s software projects. To inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, and abstraction, many modern functions have been added: closures, generics, and others. The programming process for iOS has become more flexible and so much fun.


This one is a modern object-oriented and type-safe programming language created for application development language for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Used in the creation of websites, applications, and games, including for those on iOS.


Java is a universal programming language with similarities to C-like languages. Thus, a strongly-typed general-purpose object-oriented programming language is also used for iOS. It is easy to translate Java source code to Objective-C for the iOS (iPhone/iPad) platform. Learn more about Java syntax.


Not the best programming language for iOS system apps, but still HTML5 may allow you to create an offline HTML5 iPhone application and others. For example, you may start web apps for iOS (iPhone / iPad) based on HTML5, enabling access to any mobile/tablet functionality or feature, etc.


If we are talking about the iOS ecosystem, the choice may be between Flutter / Dart or native development available on Swift. But what’s Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform open SDK for mobile applications developed by Google. It uses the Dart programming language and allows you to create applications for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, Google Fuchsia, and web applications. It provides the same features as Swift and more.

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Challenges in iOS app development

There are always specific challenges in choosing the best coding language for iOS apps, developing & maintaining these projects, their support, further scaling, etc.

Development of applications for iOS and other versions of product design has many features and options. If the application memory is overloaded with functionality and options, it will make it much heavier or more confusing. That may significantly complicate the project.

Besides, you should create tools that will be compatible with all versions of operating systems as Apple devices are regularly updated. The correction of many errors and the introduction of new parameters will be constantly needed.

Different iPhone and iPad models have different criteria that may affect correct activity. Therefore, the development process should take into account the fact that all iOS applications must be compatible with all Apple products and the choice of best language or framework for ios development accordingly.

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Given that requirements and regulations for Apple products update frequently choosing the programming language used for ios apps may be a tough job. The developers have to monitor updates on an ongoing basis and check the development for all compliance. You should not miss the right moment for a consultation about your mobile app development from a professional team if you want to build your project successfully, get on the app store or launch the application for sale elsewhere.

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Programming for iOS will always be in trend. For this, several languages and various environments are used. Take your time to pick the best programming language for iPhone apps. They may be completely based on C, so knowing it will make it easier to master & implement other languages. While Objective-C is a veteran with a long history, gradually fading into the background, Swift is the best ios app development language of modernity. It is quickly gaining popularity among developers. Both languages for creating iOS applications belong to object-oriented programming and successfully implement its main paradigms: inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, and abstraction.

There are also other languages to choose from and try for specific tasks. If you doubt, make sure you choose the best language to develop iOS apps with the help of an industry expert like us. Feel free to provide your questions.


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