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What is Radial Hub?

Radial Hub is a user-driven social media web application. It helps people connect and build their personal network for promoting their services and creating recommendations for others.

How does it work?

When people build their personal professional network it becomes easier to find the right people for their projects who can assist them and help make more informed decisions

Discover new connections

Users can search for a specific type of product or service offering, easily connect with each other, and discuss cooperation.

Build your profile

Radial Hub app allows building a compelling user profile that promotes professional skills/hobbies as to well as create/view recommendations and comments.

Discuss your teamwork

Radial Hub inbox is a comfortable place for communicating, sharing information about projects, and creating payment requests.

Vote for the project you like

Radial Hub helps explore the best projects. You can vote for the project you like and contribute to its success making it spread over the globe even faster.